Maersk Line and Citibank jointly provide E-Payment, an internet payment solution via Maersk Line's website through the use of CitiConnect. This solution is based on National On-Line Payment Gateway (Financial Process Exchange) which facilitates domestic payments. This system provides a platform for customers to link themselves to Financial Institutions, other payment systems or websites through one channel.

E-Payment provides an efficient, cost effective and secure payment infrastructure for the financial industry, nation and regional community. It is geared towards meeting the needs of e-Commerce and the business society in Malaysia. Both Maersk and customer will benefit from the direct processing of funds and gain real time transfer. We will have customer payments credited into our accounts immediately after the transactions have been approved. Below are some answer in effort to address your concern, if any further infomation needed  

What is E-Payment?
This is a payment gateway, which allows customers to make payment online via Maersk Line's website.

How does it works?
The request will be via internet to the customer's preferred internet banking. The customer is then required to key in his Internet Banking Username and Password. Once the transaction is confirmed and approved, the bank will then authorize the purchase. A successful confirmation message will then be sent to a defined Maersk. The purchase value is debited from the customer's bank account and credited to Maersk's account in real-time.

How will it benefit to customers?
With the introduction of e-Payment, customers can make payments at any time, anywhere via direct debiting of their current or savings account(s).

The customer also can reach to wider merchants base since merchants can now accept all customers who subscribe to any local internet banking services with any bank.

Who are the participating banks?
Banks already LIVE on Direct Debit:
* Bumiputra Commerce Bank
* Deutsche Bank
* Public Bank
* Citibank

Banks under development to go LIVE on Direct Debit:
* RHB - Expects to go live by Q1, 2006.
* Bank Islam - Expects to go live by Q1, 2006.
* HSBC - Expects to go live by Q1, 2006.
* Maybank - Target to go live by Q2, 2006.
* Hong Leong Bank - Expects to go live by Q1, 2006.

Can customer do the transaction anywhere and anytime?
Yes, you can transact from anywhere from 0700 am to 2300 daily, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

(The limit on the operational hours between 0700 am to 2300 daily is due to some member banks are operating within this stipulated time)

What are the charges to customer and what are the forms to fill up?
Each of Maersk's customers will need to fill up:-
(i) FPX Collection Form (which details out any additional T&C)
(ii) CitiConnect Buyer Registration form to get their ID's and access to the CitiConnect website

This is a ONE TIME registration and Citibank will prepare standard package folder (incl CitiConnect guide, forms and maybe FAQ) that can be filled up by each buyer to register.

As to customer's internet banking- There is NO additional charge for the buyers to access the Maersk Mall Page and/or CitiConnect website to approve the transactions (this is not a pay site).

However, the cost to get access to the Internet (i.e. Streamyx, Jaring etc) is borne by Maersk's customer.

There will not be any charges incurred at Maersk's customers' end. The only fee involved is the transaction fee, at RM1.50 per transaction, borne by Maersk and billed on daily basis (whether transaction is successful or otherwise)

How secure is the transaction?
Customer's internet banking services will request for and authenticate customer's user ID and password.

All bank regulations and payment system rules ordained by Bank Negara Malaysia are strictly followed to ensure that the transactions are secure and reliable.

What type of hardware are required?
Any type of computer with Internet access to internet banking.

What is CitiConnect?
CitiConnect is a process-integrated gateway for e-payment, developed by Citibank, which allows customers to make transactions via the Internet.

- Time and money savings and security
- No hassle of creating cheques and queuing at the counter carrying cash/cheques to make payments.
-  Make payment transactions anytime, even after office hours from the security of your own office.

Once payment transaction is completed, Maersk Line will automatically receive a notification and can release your Bill of Lading to the website (for eBL enabled customers).

Call us on +6 03 5628 3500 / +6 03 5628 3550 to find out more about the ePayment.