Export procedure

Dear customers,

below we have prepared a simple guide that will help you place your booking with us and to receive your shipping documentation. If you require more information than available below, please do not hesitate to contact us at bulcsegen@maersk.com

1. Before placing your booking, please, obtain a valid rate from our sales department
Please, ask for a rate on e-mail:
bulsal@maersk.com and confirm it to your sales representative before you submit a booking.

2. Submit your booking with all relevant information
Maersk Bulgaria accepts booking via several channels:
2.1. E-booking trough
www.maerskline.com or www.new.maerskline.com
At maerskline.com we offer online applications designed to assist and support you throughout the shipping process - from planning and ordering, to managing documentation, to tracking the shipment’s progress.
2.2. Manual booking trough email to our customer service department (
bulcsegen@maersk.com). You can find the relevant booking template here:
Please, note that following activities are responsibility of the shipper:
 - Cargo load, stow and count;
 - Export customs clearance;
 - Obtaining and / or preparation of all kinds of commercial documents.
Our booking deadlines can be found on this page on your right hand side under export – services and cut-offs.

3. Receive a booking confirmation
Usually we will handle your booking and will revert to you with a confirmation of the booking within 2 hours. When you receive your booking confirmation, please, verify that we have captured all your details correctly. In case of discrepancy you can contact your customer service representative.

4. Get truck/container details and stuff the container
Containers can be stuffed either at port terminal or at shipper’s facility.
4.1. Stuffing of containers at port:
Request for empty containers with commodity type, type of packaging, number of packages and total net weight per container should be submitted to our customer service representatives no later than 12:00 hrs on the day preceding the stuffing.
4.2. Stuffing of a container at shipper’s premises
   4.2.1. Store Door shipments – Carrier Haulage:
When placing an order for carrier haulage, make sure that you include the following information: full shipper’s address; name and contact details of person in charge at the place of loading; any specific requirements for the truck/chassis/container (short chassis; trailer height; e.g.).
Empty container can be positioned at shipper’s facility at 06:00 hrs earliest and should be released before 00:00 hrs (including export customs clearance).
Cancelation of haulage after 16:00 hrs on the day preceding the stuffing is invoiced according  to our tariff.
All additional charges are available at the end of this page.
   4.2.2. Stuffing of a container at shipper’s premises – Merchant Haulage:
Please, submit your truck details for merchant haulage your customer service representative no later than 12:00 hrs on the day of the pickup. 
Details regarding container/ truck plate number can be obtained from
http://mbg.bg/ after  16:30 hrs on the day preceding the planned stuffing date.

5. Send us shipping instructions (SI)
Please, send your shipping instructions to the office, with which you have placed the booking within Documentation deadline (see » Services and cut-off times). Cargo without shipping instruction will not be loaded on the scheduled and confirmed vessel.
      How to submit Shipping Instructions:

5.1. Trough www.maerskline.com or www.new.maerskline.com (registered clients only).
5.2. Trough email. Please, fill attached template and forward to our documentation center at email address 

6. Receive draft of the BL
Once your shipping instructions are processed you will receive a draft copy of your Bill of Lading for your review, known as a verify copy.
If the verify copy meets your expectations – you can approve it and your final documents will be prepared and released according to your instructions.
In case the verify copy requires changes – please, identify the changes and submit them accordingly. This can be handled online via the ‘amend’ function.
Clients sending manual instruction should send their amendments to
BOMGSCIDX@maersk.com in English.
Every amendment requested by customer to a given BL is charged, except the first one (first amendment is free of charge).

7. Approve the draft of the Bill of Lading
When your draft is ready for approval you can mark it as “Approved”. From the website this is done from drop down menu “Actions:” in Documentation overview (registered users only). For clients sending manual instructions the approval should be sent to
BOMGSCIDX@maersk.com in English.
Note that 72h after receipt of Verify Copy Bill of lading draft is automatically approved.

8. Receive invoice for prepaid charges
The invoice is issued from the Danish company A.P. Moller – Maersk A/S subject to Danish Tax Low. Maersk Line is a division of A.P. Moller – Maersk A/S that is member of a VAT group. The VAT group (Maersk VAT Group) reports sales and purchases under the VAT registration number DK53139655.
The issued invoice is send to the customer via e-mail in pdf format and it is also available in
www.maerskline.com (registered users only).
For any additional questions regarding invoices, please contact finance department.
In case your invoice does not correspond to your offer received from your sales representative, please, dispute it on our web site (registered clients only) or contact us.

9. Settle the payment
Cash payments are not accepted at Maersk Bulgaria offices.
Payment by bank transfer must be done to the bank accounts stated in the footer of the invoice. The beneficiary is Maersk Bulgaria Ltd /as agent for the carrier A.P. Moller Maersk A/S/.
All bank charges to be paid by the remitting party – the amounts must be received in full as stated on the invoice.
All invoices with “immediate” due payment have to be settled within 7 days from the due date. After that date Late Payment fee applies. All additional charges are available at the end of this page.

10. Receive Bill of Lading
We will issue original bill of lading when all preconditions listed below are fulfilled:
a. The container(s) has been physically loaded on board the vessel, specified on the bill of lading and the vessel has sailed from the first loading port (when bill of lading type is Negotiable Shipped or Waybill shipped);
b. The container(s) has been returned full to the first load port terminal ( when bill of lading type is Negotiable received or Waybill received);
c.  The shipper has approved the final revision of the draft of the bill of lading and has requested the issuance of the original bill of lading;
d. All prepaid charges as invoiced are paid and received in out bank account.

List of additional export fees:

Charge name


Charge base

When is the charge applied?

Late payment fee

EUR 35

per invoice

Applied to all invoices which are payble immediately after the 7th day of delay of payment.

Inland haulage waiting time

EUR 100 for the first day

per container

Customer detains container at discharge premises over one working day

EUR 200 for days 2 to 9999

Scan charge / Burgas port

EUR 40

per container

Customs has marked container for scanning

Scan charge / Varna port 

EUR 20

per container

Customs has marked container for scanning

Late inland haulage cancellation fee

EUR 60

per container

Customer cancels an inland haulage after 16:00 on the day preceding the delivery

Container weighing

EUR 50

per container

Customer/customs has requested container weighing

COD fee

USD 300

per container

Customer has requested change of destination

Pick up/dropp off fee

EUR 25

per container

BL amendment fee

EUR 20

per BL

Applicable to every amendment requested by customer to a given BL, except the first one (first amendment is free of charge).

Switch BL fee EUR 50 per BL Customer has requested switch BL service
Telex release fee EUR 20 per BL Customer has requested telex release service