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10-02-2014 Maersk Line most reliable again in Drewry report
Press release
27-01-2014 Protect your investment

14-01-2014 Improving Far East to Indian Subcontinent coverage
Press release
13-12-2013 Maersk Line voted Global Ocean Freight Carrier of the year 2013
Press release
04-11-2013 Maersk Line wins Global Ocean Carrier of the Year
Press release
29-10-2013 CEO appointed for Services & Other Shipping and for Damco
Press release
28-10-2013 Maersk Salina update
Press release
24-10-2013 Discovery Channel: Triple-E coming to your TV
Press release
26-09-2013 A Majestic welcome to Copenhagen

12-09-2013 Maersk Line to inspire Danish export companies
05-09-2013 Gdansk customer: Triple-E "economy with poetry"

04-09-2013 Maersk Kampala fire is out Press release
02-09-2013 Update 3: Maersk Kampala making progress Press release
30-08-2013 Update 2: Fire in two containers aboard Maersk Kampala Press release
30-08-2013 Update 1: Fire in two containers aboard Maersk Kampala
Press release
29-08-2013 Fire in two containers aboard Maersk Kampala
Press release
29-08-2013 Hong Kong strikes impact Maersk Line reliability in Q2
26-08-2013 Customers welcome Triple-E at Rotterdam
16-08-2013 Maersk Q2-2013 results announced Press release
08-08-2013 Partnering to support Burkina Faso community
01-08-2013 Maersk Line recognised by Unilever for delivering outstanding service
29-07-2013 First Triple-E vessel calls at Shanghai, China
Maersk Line Wins China Freight Industry Awards

Manning the world’s largest ship

Sorting out the network

Maersk Line honoured with Seatrade Asia Award
Press release
Maersk Line, MSC and CMA CGM to establish an operational alliance
Press release
The first Triple-E has a name

Maersk Line honoured with two awards at the 27th AFSCA

05-06-2013 Drewry: Maersk Line most reliable carrier
Press release
Saudi customers welcome Eastern Province service

30-05-2013 New technology set to help old container ships save energy
Press release
Handle with care: Antarctic ice cores

It floats!

Simulating the real deal

17-05-2013 Maersk Q1-2013 results announced
Press release
17-05-2013 IMO 2013 themed award: ‘Sustainable Development’ awarded to Maersk Line

13-05-2013 Ebba Maersk’s maiden call welcomed in Busan

06-05-2013 Leading container lines reinitiate piracy meetings to keep focus on piracy
Press release
06-05-2013 From Auckland to Melbourne: The journey of Nakuru the Giraffe

29-04-2013 Stephen Richard Schueler joins Maersk Line as new Chief Commercial Officer
Press release
23-04-2013 A seafarer returns home – on Estelle Maersk

19-04-2013 All aboard for America’s Cup

15-04-2013 Does budget sequestration in the US impact shipping?

LinkedIn: Maersk Line’s social media channel for customers

Asia-Europe (AE10 Service) to call Busan, South Korea
Press release
05-04-2013 Maersk Line recognised by General Motors as ‘2012 Supplier of the Year’ Winner
Press release
01-04-2013 Simplifying local surcharges
Press release
25-03-2013 “Perfect Delivery” for Tetra Pak Pakistan

18-03-2013 Maersk Line’s focus on energy efficiency pays off
Press release
15-03-2013 Triple-E: at the starting dock

08-03-2013 Maersk Line ready to cater to Myanmar growth
05-03-2013 Customer Experience just got better: The new Customer Charter
28-02-2013 LG Electronics names Maersk Line “Best Partner”
22-02-2013 Maersk Annual Report 2012
Press release
19-02-2013 Maersk Line Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary in Brazil
Press release
15-02-2013 Emma Maersk: after immediate repairs, the onward journey begins
Press release
14-02-2013 Incident on the Emma Maersk: Cargo Update
Press release
14-02-2013 Growing with Saudi Arabia

08-02-2013 Change of management in Maersk Line
Press release
05-02-2013 Emma Maersk faces months out of service

05-02-2013 Incident on the Emma Maersk
Press release
31-01-2013 Skies clearing in Hong Kong

29-01-2013 New CO2 target – the why and how

25-01-2013 Maersk Line reaches 2020 CO2 target Press release
17-01-2013 Mombasa - Getting there first!

11-01-2013 Bloomberg: Maersk Line calls for ban on dirty fuel in Hong Kong

07-01-2013 Maersk Line North Asia CEO optimistic on global economy

03-01-2013 Maersk is the “most desired employer” in Poland

27-12-2012 ‘Fresh’ - At a supermarket near you

21-12-2012 Maersk Line wins ‘Shipping Line of the Year’ award Press release
20-12-2012 General Rate Increase for Far East Asia to Puerto Rico Press release
19-12-2012 Anti-freeze your supply chain  
14-12-2012 Maersk Line wins ‘Shipping Company of the Year’ award in the Middle East Press release
11-12-2012 Captain receives royal Medal of Merit

07-12-2012 Loading the 1,000,000th TEU in Qingdao

03-12-2012 Making surcharges simpler for you
Press release

Shipping made easier with eBIS

26-11-2012 Maersk Line takes home two Global Freight Awards
23-11-2012 APMM Group CEO to CNN: We are a leader in shipping
Press release
21-11-2012 Maersk Line colleagues stand together after Hurricane Sandy

16-11-2012 Social media survey: help us out for 5 minutes
Press release
14-11-2012 Maersk Line takes the helm on idling
09-11-2012 A.P. Moller - Maersk Group releases Q3 interim report
Press release
08-11-2012 Maersk Line CEO: It does not get any bigger than this
Press release
05-11-2012 Maersk Line remains the most reliable carrier
29-10-2012 Maersk Line wins Global Ocean Carrier of the Year
Press release
29-10-2012 Maersk Line delivers on its promise

19-10-2012 Maersk Line wins Lloyds List Environment Award for the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent

15-10-2012 East Africa holds immense promise for Maersk Line
11-10-2012 Maersk Line cuts further capacity on the Asia-Europe trade on low demand
Press release
08-10-2012 Extending Absolute Reliability Press release
08-10-2012 Expanding Maersk Line's promise of absolute reliability
25-09-2012 Maersk Line wins Clean Excellence Award

21-09-2012 Customers save money on Daily Maersk Press release
17-09-2012 Daily Maersk: Celebrating one year of reliability

17-09-2012 Maersk Line wins Social Media Campaign of the Year Award Press release
10-09-2012 IHI CY Dry rate Increases from Long Beach, CA and Los Angeles, CA to Midwest & East Coast CY Locations Press release
10-09-2012 Maersk Line's reefer experts are here to help  
03-09-2012 Maersk Line is fully compliant to clean fuel law  
24-08-2012 Can shipping buck the global economic trend?  
20-08-2012 Q2: Maersk Line on track towards profitability  
13-08-2012 At 91.1%, Maersk Line is still the most reliable  
06-08-2012 Maximising West Africa's trade potential  
27-07-2012 Team finishes ocean race with Maersk Line,s help  
27-07-2012 Facts of damaged container aboard Maersk Kinloss Press release
26-07-2012 New report underlines Daily Maersk reliability Press release
23-07-2012 Sludge and garbage: Maersk Line turns waste into value  
16-07-2012 Pakistan forwarders recognise Maersk service  
10-07-2012 Cold Treatment Opens New Markets  
03-07-2012 Seafarer safe after Atlantic ordeal Press release
03-07-2012 Managing start line logistics  
25-06-2012 Day of the Seafarer  
20-06-2012 Triple-E ships honoured as a top sustainable solution at Rio+20
11-06-2012 Maersk Line restructures its management board  
07-06-2012 Maersk Line wins 2012 Best Global Shipping Line Award  
05-06-2012 Maersk Eindhoven celebrated in Italy  
04-06-2012 Brazil to Central America / Caribbean and United States - General Rate Increase (GRI) Press release
01-06-2012 Maersk Line to restructure its Centre Organisation Press release
24-05-2012 Maersk Line establishes presence in Iraq  
22-05-2012 Danish royal couple cut steel in Korea for the first Triple-E vessel  
10-05-2012 BBC World tunes into sustainability  
02-05-2012 Maersk Line: Shipping's role in global trade and development  
02-05-2012 Maersk Line: Shipping's role in global trade and development Press release
25-04-2012 Daily Maersk: six months of absolute reliability Press release
25-04-2012 Daily Maersk completes six months of absolute reliability  
23-04-2012 Harvard zooms in on our industry transformation  
17-04-2012 Making the change... better customer care  
09-04-2012 Lessons from the past  
02-04-2012 General Motors recognises Maersk Line contribution  
30-03-2012 Far East Asia to United States - General Rate Increase (GRI) Press release
26-03-2012 Giving you better pick-up info  
19-03-2012 E-auctions: fair transparent procurement  
12-03-2012 Maersk Line begins its journey back into the black  
05-03-2012 5 times better for Chinese New Year  
27-02-2012 Maersk Line improves clarity of surcharges  
20-02-2012 Maersk Line's Ágnes Hernád wins Best Young Manager of the Year  
17-02-2012 Maersk Line cuts capacity on Asia - Europe trade Press release
13-02-2012 Maersk Line container seals compliant with the new high security seal standard - ISO 17712:2010  
06-02-2012 Food for thought: Maersk Line goes bananas...  
01-02-2012 Daily Maersk - business as usual Press release
31-01-2012 New CEO of Maersk Line sets executive management team Press release
30-01-2012 East China Reduces CO2 Emissions  
26-01-2012 Maersk Line Leads Fuel Switch at the Port of Virginia Press release
23-01-2012 Maersk Line becomes the first container carrier to join Port of Gothenburg Fuel Switch Program  
19-01-2012 Maersk Line to join Port of Gothenburg Fuel Switch Program Press release
17-01-2012 Maersk Line installs masts without sails! (They are GSM...)  
10-01-2012 Safmarine welcomes new year with appointment of Grant Daly as new CEO Press release
10-01-2012 How do we assist the authorities in combating terrorism?