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Document security

The objective of the secure documents service is to assist in the protection of data belonging to you and your business partners and provide control over documents being made available via

In order to view and/or print original bills of lading you must first download and install the free IRM Client software and ensure that you have been granted the access to print original bills of lading. This software is currently available for download via the link available in Download on the bottom of this page. Please note that this is third party software from EMC.

If you don't have print access, you have to request this through your local office. Again this is due to security reasons as not all persons are authorised to print original bills of lading.

Please note that even if you have previously downloaded this software, you may possibly need to reinstall it. This may be the case if you have changed computers, or installed a newer version of Adobe Reader. If you experience any technical problems regarding the setup or use of the IRM Client software, you can get online assistance by using our Live Help service on

Documentation agreement

There are two versions of the transport documents print agreement available: A UK and a US version.

Transport documents print agreement (PDF)

United Kingdom
» English version - UK law and jurisdiction
» Chinese version - UK law and jurisdiction ( Simplified Chinese)

United States
» English version - US law and jurisdiction

Apart from the choice of law and jurisdiction, the provisions of the agreements are identical.

When you have familiarised yourself with the contents of the chosen agreement, sign and submit it to your local Maersk Line office, who will then process your request for transport document printing rights.

More information:

» Customer information (45 KB file)
» Technical guide (30 KB file)

» Please click here to know the steps on how to download IRM Client (1230 KB pdf)

» IRM Client.

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